Best Gifts for the Well-Dressed Man

Silk ties and pocket squares

Are you looking to find the perfect gift for a man with a sense of style? 

Mainie offers a fine selection of fashionable gift options created especially for the man who dresses to impress.

Mainie ties and pocket square sets feature timeless designs in contemporary colours, intended to harmonise with classic business shirts and suits. Whether worn among the echelons of the corporate world or at a special social event, you can be sure a Mainie pure-silk tie and pocket square combination will guarantee a favourable first impression.

Every Mainie tie and pocket square set features a distinctively Australian Aboriginal art design. 

silk ties and pocket squares

Each tie and pocket square combination is a genuinely meaningful representation of an authentic Aboriginal artwork that has been ethically acquired and reproduced in compliance with the Indigenous Art Code.

Mainie ties and pocket squares are carefully handmade from the most luxurious silk twill fabrics, and have been crafted for the discerning man seeking to project a professional image. Each pocket square is designed to complement its matching tie although, in keeping with the advice of leading men's style experts, they do not exactly match.

The silk pocket square is currently the top on-trend accessory for men. It effortlessly takes casual attire to a whole new level of impeccable style when tucked into the pocket of a tailored jacket, perhaps over an open-necked shirt with jeans or chinos. 

For those who value socially responsible consumer choices, Mainie embraces sustainable fashion ethics and is committed to working with Aboriginal artists to support the preservation of Australia’s unique 60,000-year-old Indigenous cultural heritage for future generations.

Under the terms of our art licensing agreements, the Aboriginal artists retain the copyright to their original artworks and are paid royalties for all Mainie sales of products bearing their designs.

Destined to become lasting heirloom pieces, each Mainie tie and pocket square set is perfectly presented in a handmade box ready for gift-giving. We also include a card that provides information about the provenance of the original artwork and the Aboriginal artist’s story, in accordance with Mainie’s promise of luxurious, authentic and unique Australian fashion. 

For those sending to friends and family overseas, the lightweight and portable qualities of Mainie’s men’s gift-boxed sets make for faster and more economical express shipping.

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silk tie and pocket square 




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