Fashion Treasures: The Silk Wrap

Mainie Silk Wrap Aboriginal Art Design

“Journey of a Woman’s Strength” Silk Chiffon Wrap

Fashion treasures are ageless pieces that are always with us. They never go out of style but become more loved and appreciated over time.

Our fashion treasures are the favourite accessories that earn a permanent place in our hearts and our wardrobes. Unlike ‘fast’ fashion – in one season and out the next – they are the much-loved and irreplaceable pieces that we take great care to look after so that we can wear them again and again. If they become damaged or break, we don’t throw them away, we have them mended and restored to pride of place.

We keep fashion treasures always on hand for when we want to make a memorable and individual style statement. Whether a fashion treasure is an haute couture piece purchased as a rare indulgence, an unusual keepsake trinket bought while on holiday, a pair of antique earrings inherited from Grandma, or a cheerful red beret picked up on a whim at a flea market, most of us have cherished ‘story’ pieces that make us feel special whenever we wear them.

At Mainie, we are all about creating classic heirloom pieces that will be treasured forever. A Mainie pure silk chiffon wrap is the perfect fashion treasure. Not only is silk an almost weightless fabric, it is also the strongest and most durable of all the natural fibres used for clothing. If you are seeking an infinitely elegant and versatile fashion investment piece that will last you a lifetime, then you need look no further than a luxurious Mainie silk wrap.

Generously sized at over one metre wide and two metres long, with a carefully finished, hand-stitched hem, our stunning Mainie silk wraps are created for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. No matter how much your life may change over the years, your wrap will always fit you like a dream.

Beloved by seasoned travellers for their lightweight portability and multiple practical uses, a Mainie silk wrap is ideal for those who do not want to be weighed down with heavy luggage while on the move. Pure silk is known for its wonderfully soft and flowing qualities, and the whole two metres of fabric can be quickly folded to easily fit into a handy carry-all bag.

The pictured wrap is from our Mainie Luxury Collection and features an authentic Aboriginal art design called ‘Journey of a Woman’s Strength‘ by Cairns-based Yidinji artist, Barbara Mundraby.

Barbara says that her original painting was inspired by her grandmother, Dulcie Easter Fourmile, a dearly loved family matriarch, who was born at Yarrabah, a former Aboriginal mission community near the city of Cairns in far north Queensland, Australia:

My painting relates to every woman from every race regardless of whatever background. In the painting look for the women who have strengthened you in your own journey through life. You will find your mother, your grandmothers, your sisters, your aunties, your cousins, your best friends. Also, there are women you meet in person and women we read about in books and we hear about through the media. These ones may have inspired us or may have touched our heart in some way. Finally, there are our precious daughters and all the little girls we meet in life who become our daughters. Whether these beautiful women in our lives are alive or if they are asleep in their grave, it is their strength that builds our strength of character each day. When we look at our reflection in the mirror, it is these strong beautiful women, our loved ones looking back at us. They admire the strong beautiful woman that you are becoming. The journey never ends. ‘

As well as offering a meaningful and authentic Aboriginal design story, Mainie’s gorgeous silk wraps represent the ultimate in fashion adaptability. Wear them anywhere, any time, for any occasion. A sensuously soft, pure-silk chiffon wrap is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful, and draw admiring looks and compliments, whether worn while relaxing around a resort pool, busy at work, or draped around your shoulders at a special evening event.

The best thing about a Mainie silk wrap is that not only will it be always be in style, it will also last forever.

More information about Mainie’s ‘Journey of a Woman’s Strength‘ pure silk chiffon wrap can be found at:

Silk Wrap Scarf with Aboriginal Art Design

By Charmaine

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