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Article: Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

A unique melding of authentic Aboriginal art and luxurious fashion

Mainie Australia is an Australian Aboriginal company that has been carefully built on a solid foundation of impeccable business ethics underpinned by a strong sense of social responsibility.

The authentic Aboriginal Dreamtime designs featured in the Mainie fashion collection have been ethically acquired from Aboriginal-owned arts centres and are licensed in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code. Under the terms of the Mainie licensing agreement, each Aboriginal artist retains the copyright to her original artwork and receives royalties from sales of all products displaying her work.

Mainie is committed to helping Aboriginal women artists from some of Central Australia’s most remote desert communities to earn an independent income from their work while preserving their traditional culture and heritage for future generations.

Every Mainie item sold gives back to the Aboriginal woman artist who created the original design, to elevate and empower her, her family and her community.

Mainie’s fashion collection is designed entirely in Australia and created from the world’s most luxurious textiles. The provenance of these textiles is just as important as the ethical sourcing of the authentic Aboriginal artwork imprinted on them.

As silk is not produced in Australia, Mainie sources premium quality silks from the historic silk capitals of Imperial China, where silk-making originated around 2700 BC.

The Mainie wool scarf collection is of true Australian origin, being produced from the world’s finest fleeces, Woolmark-certified Australian Merino wool.

All Mainie products are sourced from reputable companies that have undergone rigorous site inspections to ensure their production processes, workplace conditions and environmental management practices comply with international standards and regulations.

Mainie manufacturers operate modern facilities, with state-of-the-art digital printing capabilities. They are longstanding suppliers of high-quality textile goods to luxury fashion houses in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Each of Mainie’s wearable art pieces is carefully handmade from the finest materials by highly skilled, artisan textile workers.

Every Mainie fashion piece is lovingly created to become a timeless heirloom that will be cherished forever.

Australian Aboriginal art silk scarf


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