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Article: Mainie: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Mainie: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Mainie: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

At Mainie, we are acutely aware of the amount of clothing that is dumped into landfill every year and the effects that microplastics and other pollutants are having in our natural habitats and waterways.

Mainie is committed to applying sustainable fashion principles and practices across our business operations and at every level of our supply chain.

We work only with natural, biodegradable fibres including silk, Australian Merino wool, cashmere and plant-based Modal.


Mainie fashion products are made by reputable and audited manufacturers who operate modern facilities and can properly account for the origins of their materials, workplace safety and labour conditions and environmental protection provisions.


At Mainie, we don’t cut corners or compromise on the quality of our products. We aim to be the best and embrace values like integrity, accountability and excellence.

Mainie is not a ‘fast and cheap’ fashion brand. Our products are handcrafted and made to last. Mainie garments are produced in small quantities with minimal wastage of materials.


The versatile styles and authentic Aboriginal designs in the Mainie collection are lasting and timeless. We are not bound by the fashion industry’s relentless pressure to constantly meet changing trends. A Mainie is always in fashion.


At Mainie, we conscientiously chose biodegradable materials for our labels, tags and product packaging.

Mainie gives back to the Aboriginal women artists who create our authentic designs. All artworks featured in the Mainie fashion collection are ethically acquired and reproduced under licence in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code. Royalties are paid to the artists and their families.


For more information about Mainie’s commitment to social, cultural and environmental sustainability, please visit our website at

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