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Article: Mainie - The Perfect Australian Gift

Mainie - The Perfect Australian Gift

Mainie - The Perfect Australian Gift

Luxurious - Authentic - Unique

Are you looking for the perfect gift to send to friends and family who are overseas this Christmas?

Mainie has a stunning collection of uniquely Australian fashions and gifts that will suit all tastes and every budget. 

With beautifully gift boxed women’s silk scarves and men’s silk tie and pocket square sets starting from just $34.95, we can help you find the best gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

Here are our top five reasons why Mainie is the perfect Australian gift:

  1. We are Australian. Mainie is a genuinely homegrown, all Australian owned and operated company with a clear vision to become a leading global brand. We are proud to say that our unmistakably Australian Aboriginal designs are worn by stylish people around the world, who love our luxurious, authentic and unique fashion ethos.
  2. We give back to the Aboriginal artists. Every Mainie features an authentic Aboriginal art design that has been ethically acquired and licensed in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code. Under the terms of our art licensing agreements, the Aboriginal artists retain the copyright to their original artwork and receive royalties from Mainie sales. We are committed to supporting Aboriginal women artists from some of the most isolated communities in Central Australia to earn an independent and sustainable income from their own work, and to preserve their traditional cultural heritage for future generations.
  3. Our exquisite wearable art pieces are meaningful gifts. The Aboriginal art designs featured on Mainie fashions are created by traditional Aboriginal women who still live on their ancestral homelands and maintain a strong connection to their ancient languages and culture. Each Mainie design brings to life a time-honoured Dreamtime story that has been handed down to the artist through many generations of her ancestors over tens of thousands of years. A Mainie is much more than just a stylish fashion statement, it is an evocative and tangible celebration of the world’s oldest living culture.
  4. Our gifts are designed to last a lifetime. Mainie offers premium quality fashions created from the finest natural materials including silk and wool. Every Mainie is lovingly handcrafted and destined to become a classic heirloom piece that will be cherished forever. Timeless, practical, versatile and durable, Mainie is truly the gift that keeps giving year after year.
  5. Mainie gifts are lightweight and compact making them easy to post. We can arrange economical shipping for your gifts to almost anywhere in the world. Orders of $300 or more are shipped free within Australia.

Add to this list that every Mainie is carefully presented in an elegant, handmade box with information about the provenance of the original artwork and the Aboriginal artist’s story, and there you have it, the perfect Australian gift.

To see more of our luxurious, authentic and unique fashions and gifts, please visit our online store at

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