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Article: My Favourite Mainie Aboriginal Art Silk Scarf

Mainie Medicine Tree silk scarf

My Favourite Mainie Aboriginal Art Silk Scarf

I wear Mainie every day.  As the co-founder of a uniquely Australian luxury fashion brand, I take every opportunity I can to showcase our authentic Aboriginal art designs.

I never leave home without my Mainie. I have so many much-loved pieces from the Mainie collection but there is one perennial favourite that I wear again and again.

Allow me to tell you about our Mainie Medicine Tree silk scarf and the four reasons it is always front and centre in my choice of fashion accessories.

  1. I love the opalescent blues and greens which are the main colours in the design. Opals are my favourite Australian gemstone and the colours in the Medicine Tree scarf are exquisite. As well as the cool blues and greens, there are also splashes of rich red and orange, and hints of yellow and navy. Add some black and white and the print displays a myriad of vibrant colours that are so evocative of the glorious sun-drenched hues of the Australian Outback landscape. I can wear my Medicine Tree scarf with just about any colour from black or white monotones to bold reds or deep blues or even citrusy lemon yellows or lime greens. My personal favourite colour pairing is orange. For me, it is the ideal combination for when I want to stand out from the crowd. 
  1. Every well-dressed woman knows that scarves offer almost infinite styling possibilities and the Medicine Tree scarf is no exception. Created in sensuously soft silk, Medicine Tree can be worn at any time of the year. Whether I style it with a cool white linen shirt in summer or a classic navy jacket in winter, it is always the right look for any occasion, at any time or any place. There are multiple ways I can wear it as a scarf, but Medicine Tree’s generous length means that I can also put it to good use by tying it as an elegant sarong skirt at the beach or draping it around my shoulders as an evening wrap. Weightless and easily portable, it is the first thing I pack in my hand luggage when I travel.
  1. I can honestly say that whenever or wherever I wear my Medicine Tree scarf, someone will come up to me and say, “I love your scarf”. It does not matter whether I am in weekend casual wear at the local shops or dressed for business in the city, the exquisite colours and distinctively Aboriginal design of my Medicine Tree scarf never fail to draw admiring glances from passers-by. I always feel dressed to perfection when I put on my Medicine Tree scarf. It is also a wonderful conversation starter. I am by nature an introvert and one of my least favourite experiences is walking into a crowded room by myself at social events. However, my Medicine Tree scarf gives me the confidence to put on my best smile and walk into any room, ready to be seen and start networking. I know that it will not be long before someone greets me with a friendly compliment about my lovely Aboriginal art scarf.        
  1. The Medicine Tree scarf is so much more than just a pretty piece of silk cloth. It is a tangible celebration of the world’s oldest art and exemplifies our Mainie mission to support the economic empowerment of Aboriginal women artists in remote Outback communities.  The Medicine Tree design is based on an original painting by highly esteemed Warlpiri Aboriginal artist, Geraldine Napangardi Granites. Geraldine’s artwork depicts the Mina Mina Jukurrpa, a traditional story which was handed down to her through many generations of her ancestors over tens of thousands of years. Mina Mina is a sacred place for Warlpiri women as it is where they gather a medicinal tree vine which is used in their healing ceremonies.  Due to the isolation of their ancestral homelands in the remote Tanami Desert region of Central Australia, the Warlpiri were among some of the last Aboriginal people to make contact with Europeans. Geraldine’s grandmother was a young woman when she first encountered white people on her country.  Geraldine still lives on her grandmother’s country and maintains a strong connection to the spiritual beliefs and cultural traditions of her ancestors. My favourite Mainie Medicine Tree scarf brings to life Geraldine’s age-old Aboriginal cultural heritage as a timeless and treasured heirloom piece.

Mainie is an approved member of the Indigenous Art Code and all Aboriginal art designs featured on our beautiful fashions and gifts are ethically sourced and reproduced under licence. Royalties from Mainie sales are paid to the Aboriginal artists and their families. For more information about our Mainie Medicine Tree silk scarf, please click here


Posted by Charmaine Saunders 'Mainie'

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