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Article: Style Essentials: The White Shirt

How to style a scarf with a white shirt

Style Essentials: The White Shirt


Here are our top tips on how to turn one of your most understated wardrobe essentials, The White Shirt, into a designer look by teaming it with a Mainie Aboriginal art silk scarf.

Sometimes dubbed the “boyfriend shirt”, there is no other fashion look that exemplifies both femininity and confidence than a woman in a no-fuss white business shirt with her sleeves rolled up ready to take on whatever comes her way.

A classic button down white shirt goes with anything, anytime or anywhere. Team it with any bottom, pants or skirt, long or short, whether blue denim or black leather or neutrals, pastels or brights.

All you need to do is add a beautiful Mainie silk scarf and your designer look is complete.


Mainie Australia Desert Rain Scarf

Love colour? Then Desert Rain is for you.  The original artwork was painted by highly esteemed Warlpiri Aboriginal artist, Bessie Nakamarra Sims. Bessie was a young woman living on her traditional homelands in the remote Tanami Desert region when she first encountered white people. Bessie’s design depicts an ancient Warlpiri Water Dreaming story that perfectly captures the glorious sun-drenched colours of the Central Australian landscape.   

Style Tip: Desert Rain is an excellent pairing for a chic all white look.  Team your white shirt with white pants and finish with a multicoloured sandal for a look that radiates confidence and charm.  

Find Desert Rain at


Mainie Australia Desert Country Silk Scarf

The number one choice for lovers of earthy colours, this beautiful scarf features an original artwork by Warlpiri Aboriginal artist, Rosina Napurrurla White. Reminiscent of the natural ochre palettes created by artists throughout the ages, the distinctively Aboriginal design draws its inspiration from the unique beauty of the Australian Outback. Desert Country exemplifies our Mainie vision to bring to life age-old Aboriginal Dreaming stories on timeless wearable art pieces.

Style Tip: Team a pure white shirt with camel coloured pants and RM Williams boots or for something different, match the hint of maroon in the traditional Aboriginal design with a skirt or pants of a similar hue.

Find Desert Country at


Storm Cloud Silk Scarf

The original artwork for this magnificent design was created by Christine Nakamarra Curtis, a traditional Warlpiri artist from Yuendumu, a small Aboriginal community about 300 kilometres from Alice Springs. Christine’s painting depicts the rain laden storm clouds gathering over the desert. The colours are exquisite. Deep stormy blues, turquoise and purple hues make this lightweight and lustrous pure silk scarf an absolute must have for the sophisticated woman who loves to keep a versatile fashion piece on hand that will effortlessly transition from the office to a special evening occasion.

Style Tip: Team your crisp white business shirt with elegant black pants and heels and accomplish the perfect after-five upgrade.

Find Storm Cloud at


Medicine Tree Silk Scarf

Our Medicine Tree scarf is so much than just a brightly coloured piece of silk. It is a celebration of Australia’s unique 60.000-year-old unbroken Aboriginal cultural heritage. Featuring a Warlpiri women’s design called Mina Mina Jukurrpa, this eye-catching scarf depicts an ancient Dreamtime story about a sacred vine that is used for ceremonial and healing purposes. The Mina Mina story has been handed down to the artist, Geraldine Napangardi Gallagher through many generations of her Warlpiri ancestors over tens of thousands of years.  If you are seeking fashion that not only looks amazing but is also a meaningful expression of traditional Aboriginal arts and culture, then you will love wearing Medicine Tree.     

Style Tip: Team your white shirt with bright coral or turquoise jeans and add a pair shimmering jewelled slides to create a dazzling resort look.

Find Medicine Tree at 

Posted by Charmaine Saunders 'Mainie'

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