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Article: Timeless Style For All Seasons

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“Red Earth” Pure Australian Merino Wool Scarf

Black and cream present the perfect ‘blank canvas’ when creating timeless fashion looks. Ideally suited for any season, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, this classic colour pairing will always be on trend.

The addition of a gorgeous scarf will take a simple black and cream combination to the next level.

Add a stylish Mainie pure Australian Merino wool scarf to instantly transform an understated fashion basic into impeccable designer chic.

Australian Merino is the finest wool in the world. It is a lightweight natural fibre that is coveted by discerning fashion buyers everywhere for its luxurious look and feel. Sensuously soft, Merino wool can be worn with elegance and comfort in either warm or cool weather.

Mainie has an exquisite new collection of stunning pure wool scarves. Beautifully handcrafted in premium, Woolmark certified Australian Merino wool, each piece features an authentic Aboriginal art design created by a Warlpiri woman artist from the remote Tanami Desert region of Central Australia.

Aboriginal art, dreamtime design, ethical art, Warlpiri artist

Artwork: Yarla Jukurrpa (Red Earth Dreaming)              Artist: Alicka Napanangka Brown

Story: Yarla is a special place on the Warlpiri homelands where the women go to gather bush potatoes, a traditional food.                   

Every Mainie scarf is a vibrant and meaningful celebration of the world’s oldest living culture. Spanning back over 65,000 years, Australia’s unique Indigenous cultural heritage is an irreplaceable treasure hold of ancient knowledge, stories and artistic expression.

Each Mainie ‘wearable art’ piece features a traditional Aboriginal design that was handed down to the artist through many generations of her ancestors over tens of thousands of years.

Mainie is committed to supporting Aboriginal women artists to earn an independent income from their own work and preserve their time-honoured stories for future generations.

The Aboriginal artworks featured in the Mainie collection have been ethically acquired under licence in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code. Royalties from all Mainie sales are paid to the artists.

wool scarves, australian merino wool, aboriginal art designs, ethical fashion

More information about Mainie’s Australian Merino wool scarf collection is available at:

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