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Article: Where the Dreamtime meets the Silk Road

Aboriginal art silk scarf australian fashion ethical brand mainie australia
aboriginal art

Where the Dreamtime meets the Silk Road

The Mainie silk scarf collection features authentic Aboriginal art designs 

Each exquisite wearable art piece in the Mainie silk scarf collection is a unique melding of two ancient artisan cultures - Australia's 60,000-year-old Aboriginal arts heritage and the time-honoured silk making techniques that originated in the fabulous Imperial cities of the Silk Road nearly 5,000 years ago.

Silk has long been treasured by lovers of fine things for its rich and luxurious qualities.

Sensuously soft, almost weightless and beautifully finished with hand rolled hems, Mainie's silk scarves exemplify timeless elegance and effortless fashion styling.

Every Mainie silk scarf brings to life an stunning hand painted artwork design by a traditional Warlpiri woman artist from the remote Tanami Desert region of Central Australia.

The original paintings behind the designs were all ethically purchased and licensed through the world-acclaimed Warlukurlangu arts centre.

Aboriginal owned and controlled, Warlukurlangu is located on the ancestral homelands of the Warlpiri Aboriginal people. It has long been an important stronghold for the preservation of the traditional Warlpiri culture and language.

Under the terms of the art licensing agreements with the Warlukurlangu artists, the Aboriginal artists retain the copyright to their original designs and receive royalty payments from Mainie.

aboriginal artist warlpiri women warlukurlangu indigenous art code ethical art

Artists clockwise: Bessie Nakamarra Sims, Rosina Napurrurla White, Christine Nakamarra Curtis, Geraldine Napangardi Granites.

Every Mainie scarf gives back to the Aboriginal woman artist who created the original design, to elevate and empower her, her family and her community.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Mainie is a Supply Nation verified Indigenous owned business and an Indigenous Art Code approved dealer member.

More information about our Mainie Silk Scarf Collection and the Warlpiri Aboriginal women artists is available at:




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