Queensland Artists

Mainie sources artworks by contemporary Aboriginal artists from several tribal groups in North Queensland. Our North Queensland artists draw inspiration for their artworks from the spectacular natural beauty of the reef and rainforest environments in this region.
    Mainie is an approved Dealer Member of the Indigenous Art Code. 
    The Indigenous Art Code sets the standards of conduct for those involved in the trade of Indigenous art to ensure that they act fairly, honestly, professionally and in good conscience at all times when dealing with Indigenous artists.
    Signing the Indigenous Art Code is a commitment by sellers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art to build strong, ethical and sustainable Indigenous art commerce and to end exploitation, which takes advantage of artists and negatively impacts communities.
    As a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code, Mainie is committed to always conduct our business with Indigenous artists with the highest standards of ethics and respect.

    Mainie’s commercial arrangements with Aboriginal artists are governed by formal contractual agreements in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code, whereby the Aboriginal artists retain the copyright to their original art designs. 
    The formal art licensing agreements cover:
    • Purchase of original artworks at a fair price as set by the artists
    • Licensing to allow for the reproduction of original artwork images onto Mainie products.
    • Payments of artist royalties calculated on sales of Mainie products.