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At Mainie we strive to be a uniquely Australian fashion label that is recognised for its authentic Aboriginal art designs and socially conscious approach to doing business.

There are four distinct ways in which we have endeavoured to establish our credentials as an ethical and sustainable fashion brand.

1.  Mainie fashions help to support Aboriginal women artists and their families

The Aboriginal artwork designs featured in the Mainie fashion collection are painted by traditional Warlpiri women artists from the remote Tanami Desert region in Central Australia. The designs depict age-old Dreaming stories that have been handed down to the artists through many generations of their Warlpiri ancestors over tens of thousands of years. 

Due to the isolation of their tribal homelands, the Warlpiri were among the last groups of Aboriginal people in Australia who made their first encounters with white people. To this day, the Warlpiri people continue to speak their own language and keep alive their spiritual and cultural connections to their country and their ancestors through their art.

All the artwork designs featured in the Mainie fashion collection are ethically purchased under licence from Aboriginal owned and controlled arts centres in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code. Under the terms of the art licensing agreements, Mainie purchases the original artworks at the prices set by the Aboriginal artists. The artists retain the copyright to their designs and Mainie pays art royalties to the artists and their families for every piece that is produced for sale. 

As an Aboriginal owned and operated business, Mainie embraces social responsibility ethics and is committed to supporting Aboriginal women artists to earn an independent income from their own work and preserve their traditional cultural heritage for future generations.

2.  Mainie fashions are made with natural fibres

At Mainie, we not only believe in making fashions that look good, we want to do good as well.

We are aware that clothes made from synthetic fabrics shed microplastic fibres when they are washed. Over 30% of the microplastic particles in our waterways originate from the synthetic materials that are used to make clothing.

Microplastics are toxic and they will never biodegrade in marine environments. In addition to this pollution in our rivers, lakes and oceans, nearly 65% of the 32 billion garments produced around the world each year now end up in landfill.

Mainie fashions are made from natural fibres like silk, wool and Modal. We source only the best materials from reputable companies that have undergone rigorous site inspections to ensure that their production processes, workplace conditions and environmental management practices are compliant with international standards and regulations.

Mainie’s premium pure silks originate from the historic Silk Road cities, where silk-making traditions originated nearly 5,000 years ago. Our luxurious wool scarves are made with the finest Woolmark certified, Australian grown Merino wool.

We have also recently added a range of vegan-friendly scarves that are made from a plant-based textile called Modal. This new scarf range is made especially for socially conscious fashion lovers who are seeking ecologically sustainable alternatives to animal-derived textiles such as silk and wool.  

By exclusively choosing pure and natural fibres like silk, wool, and Modal, Mainie is helping to reduce land and sea pollution.

3. Mainie fashions are made with a human touch

Mainie’s luxurious silk and wool fashion pieces are carefully hand-finished by highly skilled artisan garment makers. This means that no two Mainies are identical. Each piece has its own unique handmade touches.

All our silk and wool scarves are expertly hemmed by hand. Our pure silk tops are fully hand-finished right down to their hand-sewn hems and hand-crocheted button loops.

When we create our fresh and modern fashions at Mainie, we love being able to help keep alive the time-honoured, textile-crafting traditions from times gone by.

4.  Mainie fashions are made to last

There is nothing fast about Mainie fashion.  We are not a mass-produced "in for one season and out the next" brand. Every garment we make at Mainie epitomises timeless elegance and perennial style. 

We guarantee that each one of our Mainie wearable art pieces will always be on trend and will never go out of fashion. Summer or winter, spring or autumn, a Mainie is the perfect go to at any time of the year, and year after year.

Another benefit of biologically derived fibres like silk, wool and Modal is that they are natural thermo-regulators. Sensuously soft, absorbent and breathable, they keep the wearer cool in hot weather and warm and cosy when the temperature falls. No matter what the season, a Mainie offers effortless style, practical comfort and almost infinite styling versatility.

At Mainie, we are dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable fashions that are an enduring and meaningful celebration of the world’s oldest living culture.

Every Mainie tells an ancient Dreamtime story that is almost as old as time itself and is destined to become a lasting heirloom piece that will be loved and cherished forever.

Mainie is a Supply Nation verified Indigenous owned business and an Indigenous Art Code approved dealer member.

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