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Aboriginal art wool scarf, timeless style

“Desert Journey” – Style Board

Every stylish woman knows the infinite value of having well-chosen investment pieces in her wardrobe.

Whether it be a little black dress, a tailored navy-blue blazer, or a good white linen shirt and a pair of Levi 501s, each piece offers almost unlimited styling versatility.

The key feature of these fashion fundamentals is that they are timeless. They will never go out style.

For lovers of understated elegance, there is no better example of a wardrobe essential than the classic combination of a cream blouse and black pants.

Always chic and sophisticated, this stylish pairing is the perfect way to effortlessly transition from business day to evening glamour.

Add a Mainie authentic Aboriginal art wool scarf and you will instantly transform this fashion basic into a stunning designer look.

Sensuously soft, lightweight and generously sized, Mainie wool scarves are exquisite “wearable art” pieces, designed especially for the woman who loves both luxury and simplicity.

Beautifully handmade from the finest Australian Merino wool, each scarf depicts a time-honoured Aboriginal Dreamtime design which dates back to the dawn of human history.

Our “Desert Journey” wool scarf is based on an original painting by highly esteemed, traditional Warlpiri Aboriginal artist, Mary Napangardi Gallagher.

Mary Napangardi Gallagher Aboriginal Artist

Mary’s intricate design depicts an ancient Warlpiri women’s story and captures the natural colours of her ancestral homelands in Outback Australia.

Note the vivid sky blues, the rich earth tones and the purple hues of spectacular mountain backdrops in Mary’s design.

In our styling we have picked out the heavenly sky blue to match with a clutch purse and finished the look with classy black heels and pearl hoop earrings.

Aboriginal Art Australian Merino Wool Scarf

For more information about other authentic Aboriginal art designs in Mainie's Australian Merino wool scarf collection, please visit the following link:

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