Style Story: The Business Suit

Australian Aboriginal Art Merino Wool Scarf Business Wear

“A beautiful scarf softens the look of a business suit”  

Empowered women the world over know the value of creating their own individual style.

A perfect example of a trailblazing woman who stands out among influential world leaders is the always impeccably groomed, Christine Legarde.

Formerly the head of the International Monetary Fund, and now President of the powerful European Central Bank, Christine has long been an inspiration to other women and an accomplished style icon.

Always superbly presented in a tailored business suit and adorned with her signature style accessory, a classic Hermes scarf, Christine is the epitome of feminine poise and self-assurance.

There are several reasons why a scarf is a definite asset when seeking a confident business look.

Just as the well-dressed businessman adds a distinctive tie to his corporate ensemble to project a consummately professional image, an eye-catching scarf will make a lasting and positive first impression at every encounter.

Not only does a carefully chosen scarf add a definitive personal touch to business wear, but it also offers a myriad of practical uses.

Ideal for women who are on the move, an elegant scarf effortlessly doubles as a light shawl when the temperature cools or as a head scarf when wet or windy weather prevails.

No matter how a scarf is styled, it will always draw complimentary comments and admiring looks.

In our styling of a staid grey business suit, we have added an exquisite Aboriginal art scarf “Rock Pools” from the new Mainie Australian Merino wool collection.

Aboriginal Artist Joy Nangala Brown

Joy Nangala Brown

The "Rock Pools" design is based on an original painting by highly esteemed Aboriginal artist, Joy Nangala Brown.

Joy is the daughter of famous Pintupi Aboriginal artist Pegleg Jampijinpa. Her paintings depict age-old Dreamtime stories that have been handed down to her through many generations of her ancestors over thousands of years.

Joy paints with the world acclaimed Warlukurlangu Artists, an Aboriginal owned arts centre located at Yuendumu, a small community in the Tanami Desert, north west of Alice Springs. Warlukurlangu supports traditional Aboriginal artists to preserve their unique culture for future generations.

Joy's original painting “Rock Pools” depicts the Yumari Dreaming story about a forbidden love between a man and a woman from different clans. The couple would meet in secret at a group of rocks in the desert called Yumari. The circles in the painting represent the pools of water in the rocks.

Mainie is committed to supporting the economic empowerment of Aboriginal women artists from some of the isolated and disadvantaged desert communities in Central Australia to earn an independent income from their own work. 

All Aboriginal artwork designs featured in the Mainie collection are ethically acquired and reproduced under licence in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code.  Under the terms of our licensing agreements, the Aboriginal artist retains the copyright to their original artwork and receives royalties from all sales. 

Every Mainie sold gives back to the Aboriginal woman artist who created the original design, to elevate and empower her, her family and her community.

Beautifully handcrafted in luxuriously soft Australian Merino wool, each stunning scarf in the new Mainie collection is destined to become a lasting and beloved heirloom piece.

More information about Mainie’s pure wool scarf collection is available at: Aboriginal Art Merino Wool Scarves




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