A Mainie Aboriginal Art Silk Scarf Is So Much More Than Just Beautiful Fashion

A Mainie Aboriginal Art Silk Scarf Is So Much More Than Just Beautiful Fashion

By wearing Mainie's exquisite silk scarves, stylish women not only embrace timeless elegance but also celebrate Australia's 60,000-year-old Aboriginal cultural heritage, fostering a connection between age-old artistic traditions and contemporary fashion.

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Authentic Aboriginal art designs created by traditional Warlpiri women artists are brought to life on Mainie silk scarves.

The Mainie silk scarf collection represents a beautiful fusion of two ancient cultures: Warlpiri women artists from the remote Tanami Desert region of Central Australia and skilled artisan silk-makers from the historic Silk Road city of Suzhou in China.

The artists behind Mainie's stunning designs are traditional Aboriginal women living in isolated desert communities, where they continue to keep alive the languages and culture of their ancestors. Their artwork, inspired by the world’s oldest continuous living culture as shown in Aboriginal rock art sites dating back over tens of thousands of years, encapsulates the profound spiritual connection they share with the Outback landscape.

Warlpiri women artists at work Warlukurlangu Arts Centre

Warlpiri Aboriginal women artists at work on a group painting at the Warlukurlangu Arts Centre. (Photograph courtesy of Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation)

The Tanami Desert, home to the Warlpiri people and the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, serves as the inspiration for Mainie's original artworks. Located in Yuendumu, Northern Territory, the Warlukurlangu Arts Centre is a stronghold for traditional Warlpiri arts, language, and culture.

The Aboriginal artworks featured in the Mainie collection, based on traditional dot paintings and ceremonial body art designs, reflect the vibrant hues and sun-drenched colours of the Tanami Desert. Many of these artworks depict ancient Dreamtime Stories that have been handed down from one generation to the next over tens of thousands of years and emphasise the importance of the natural environment, including vital water sources that are sacred to the desert-dwelling Warlpiri people.

Tanami Desert Landscape. Sacred Site, Water Dreaming

Water Dreaming Sacred Site on the Warlpiri Homelands in the Tanami Desert.

Mainie is committed to ethical practices in acquiring authentic Aboriginal artworks, ensuring fair dealings with artists and adherence to industry standards. Every Mainie design is reproduced under licence and royalties are directed back to Aboriginal artists and their communities, supporting the preservation of their unique cultural heritage.

Crafted with the finest silks from Suzhou, often dubbed the "Venice of the East," Mainie garments epitomise luxury and refinement. With a heritage stretching back over 4,700 years, Chinese silks are coveted for their unparalleled quality, exemplifying Mainie's commitment to preserving time-honoured textile traditions in collaboration with Suzhou silk-makers.

Canal in Suzhou, the "Venice of the East".

Mainie bridges ancient traditions with contemporary fashion fostering a timeless and meaningful connection between diverse cultures and styles.

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Mainie Australia is a Supply Nation verified Indigenous owned business and an Indigenous Art Code approved dealer member.



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